The Beeb On Interactive Fiction

SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK is currently available on the BBC Radio 4 archive. It does a quick hopscotch from D&D to TWINE with few anecdotes from a coupla notable people along the way. Worth a listen.

SFXBay Mini Site Launched

Entering a game jam? Need sound effects but don't even have time to use sfxr or Bfxr to generate them? Then hop over to SFXBay where we've done it for you! What's This? I recently decided I wanted to get some experience with AngularJS and thought a little web-app that served categorised sound-fx might be a suitable project. Now it turns out I was [...]

A Year Later…

Wow! 2015, eh? Awful! Sometimes in life you take a misstep, and so it was that I undertook a career change towards the start of last year which was, in retrospect, hilariously ill-advised. It definitely furnished me with a more concrete understanding of what I don't want to be doing with my precious time on Earth, though, as well as reaffirming so [...]

LuDONE Dare!

So I got my Ludum Dare 31 entry, Solus, in a little earlier so I'm chilling out a bit after the mad rush to get it finished... after which I'll dive into everyone else's games. (I think rough estimates put the number at about a bajillion.)

Ludum Less-Daring-Than-Planned

So the first day of Ludum Dare 31 is drawing to a close and my entry finally has something approaching gameplay – I was beginning to wonder if it ever would, it not having any enemies in a scant two hours ago! :) The theme this time is "Entire Game On One Screen" and my entry, Solus (so named because the title will fit in the top left of the [...]