Going Ape

What with mentioning Monkey here, there and everywhere of late, I thought I’d expand on why I find the language so inviting. Of course I could just say “It’s BlitzMax for mobiles!!!” and leave it there, but while that might convey my excitement (three exclamation marks!) it wouldn’t explain much to those unfamiliar with BRL’s prior work. A Base Mo [...]


Following last time’s post mortem I thought it’d be worth summarising where InTo Games is and where I think it might be going (if anywhere), something I’ll aim to do periodically. As I see it there are three activities warranting attention: Promoting BlastOff!, adopting Monkey and developing my next title. Individually… Promote BlastOff! While I’d [...]

Post Mortem: BlastOff!

I thought I’d kick off with a brief post mortem for BlastOff!, my first (and, at the time of writing, only!) iOS release. BlastOff! was released at the back end of 2010 as something of a toe-dipping exercise and I think it’s fair to say that the water has proven pretty cold thus far, which is definitely something I want to reflect on here. As [...]

Welcome to Tappy Feats!

A new blog within which I, your (sorta humble…ish) host, can warble on about the stuff I get up to for InTo Games, this. The timing is particularly fortuitous as Monkey has just been released, so I should have plenty to cover as I shift my focus over from Objective-C to this rather exciting intermediary language. As an indie developer I&rsqu [...]