Ludum I Dare

As one of those people prone to mispronouncing it I won't say that I'm taking part in Ludum Dare... but I'll certainly write it :) I'm taking part in Ludum Dare. There. Note that taking part doesn't necessarily mean finishing – Saturday is looking a bit hectic so I'll be lucky to get much more than a single day. Should be fun though – [...]

GameMaker Studio Faffery

I picked up YoYo Games' Game Maker Studio last November (wow has it been a year already?!) when it was briefly given away for free. While Multimedia Fusion 2 put me off these sorts of game creation packages (MMF2 has a LOT going for it but scripting what should be quite straightforward stuff can be very convoluted... more so than just simply progra [...]

bmGlyph Fonts & AngelFont

I recently decided to use AngelFont for font rendering duties in Monkey projects. One of the bitmap font creation tools recommended is bmGlyph so I was a bit miffed to find that it doesn't actually seem to export to any formats that AngelFont can just read. Anyway, comparing some of the example font definitions that came with AngelFont with some o [...]

At The Gadget Show Live

So it's been a bit quiet around here recently, hasn't it! This is due almost entirely to putting SLAY++ on hold while gearing up for The Gadget Show Live -- a statement which begs the question: "What the smeg would InTo Games be doing at The Gadget Show?" MANSION The answer, in actual fact, is... nothing! I was there in a more personal capacity [...]

Tooling Up

It's looking like the Playniax Monkey framework is going to have its GUI functionality enhanced soon, something that puts me in even more of an even more pleasant quandary – ChallengerGUI, Ignition or HTML5 for SLAY2? Because yep, that's right, I still haven't fully decided! With provisional versions of SLAY2 up and running in two technologi [...]