A Year Later…

Wow! 2015, eh? Awful!

Sometimes in life you take a misstep, and so it was that I undertook a career change towards the start of last year which was, in retrospect, hilariously ill-advised. It definitely furnished me with a more concrete understanding of what I don't want to be doing with my precious time on Earth, though, as well as reaffirming some values that I really just have to live and work by. So, as always, there is worth even in things that don't quite work out.

With that behind me, I once again have the time, energy and impetus to drive InTo Games forward so expect things to be a bit more active around here in 2016. I've recently started a postgrad computing course which has prompted a shallow dive into Java and a deeper dive into C++ over the last couple of months, so you'll probably find me warbling on about a much wider suite of languages than has previously been the case as they each have fascinating aspects to them. This is especially true when you consider that BRL has put out an early release of Monkey-X 2—go grab it if you haven't already!

Up and coming in the immediate future are two items. Firstly, a mini-site that should be handy for people entering game jams—more details on that ASAP; Secondly, I'm really eager to get a commercial project up and running and I think the proper, modern way to go about it is to cover the prototyping stage here to see if it generates any buzz, then move on to crowdfunding the project proper should it resonate with an audience (or scrapping it should it not).

One of the best features of the internet is that you can basically ask the world if it is interested in a particular product up front. For vidgames—which can take an extraordinary amount of time, effort and resources to develop—this is absolutely brilliant and I can't wait to get the process going. It's a bit early to reveal anything just yet, though, so watch this space :)

Have a great year folks!

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