At The Gadget Show Live

So it's been a bit quiet around here recently, hasn't it! This is due almost entirely to putting SLAY++ on hold while gearing up for The Gadget Show Live -- a statement which begs the question: "What the smeg would InTo Games be doing at The Gadget Show?"


The answer, in actual fact, is... nothing! I was there in a more personal capacity having jumped on board Paul Kercal's collaborative art project, 'Mansion'. Paul runs Guilford College's tablet art programme and his concept for Mansion was intriguingly simple -- visitors would be encouraged to draw either a window or door in order to decorate a street of virtual buildings. No pressure to create a masterwork, no fiddly utensils to contend with... all you need is your finger and a touchscreen!

Mansion – that pink door isn't mine :)

Of course the full scope of the project was deviously omitted when Paul put the feelers out for a coder to create an app that would simply composite a few images together. "That's a few hours, tops", I trilled. "I can spare a few hours", not realising at the time that I actually meant a few hours multiplied by many nights. That's the trouble with projects that turn out too interesting to pass on, they have this habit of being too interesting to pass on :D

Paul does a quick portrait, makes it look easy!

So that's how Monty, the software that creates and presents the virtual streets was born (I went for a play on 'montage' rather than 'composite' as I didn't think 'Compy' would be quite so pleasing a name!) For the show itself we were able to borrow some absolutely awesome SMART touch-screen displays, so along with FreshPaint on the tablets folk could use ArtRage 4 writ LARGE to draw with.

ArtRage 4 – let there be COLOUR!

I was only able to be there for press/industry day so sorry I missed you if you visited the stand and I hope you had fun. Watch this space for more on Monty!

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