SFXBay Mini Site Launched

Entering a game jam? Need sound effects but don't even have time to use sfxr or Bfxr to generate them? Then hop over to SFXBay where we've done it for you!

What's This?

I recently decided I wanted to get some experience with AngularJS and thought a little web-app that served categorised sound-fx might be a suitable project. Now it turns out I was wrong on that, because it's such a simple thing that it in no way requires AngularJS (although it is odd to think that, on the web, "simple" means HTML + CSS + Javascript + PHP + MySQL… our baseline stack is sorta crazily complex!) BUT while I'm thinking up a slightly more demanding project you can at least enjoy some free stuff :)

There's a fairly small library of sounds on offer at the moment—mostly the Solus fx with a few extra files I happened to have generated—but it should grow into a nice, useable set over time. Just watch out for Xenomorph… it's loud!


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