LuDONE Dare!

So I got my Ludum Dare 31 entry, Solus, in a little earlier so I'm chilling out a bit after the mad rush to get it finished... after which I'll dive into everyone else's games. (I think rough estimates put the number at about a bajillion.)

Ludum Less-Daring-Than-Planned

So the first day of Ludum Dare 31 is drawing to a close and my entry finally has something approaching gameplay – I was beginning to wonder if it ever would, it not having any enemies in a scant two hours ago! :) The theme this time is "Entire Game On One Screen" and my entry, Solus (so named because the title will fit in the top left of the [...]

Ludum I Dare

As one of those people prone to mispronouncing it I won't say that I'm taking part in Ludum Dare... but I'll certainly write it :) I'm taking part in Ludum Dare. There. Note that taking part doesn't necessarily mean finishing – Saturday is looking a bit hectic so I'll be lucky to get much more than a single day. Should be fun though – [...]