bmGlyph Fonts & AngelFont

I recently decided to use AngelFont for font rendering duties in Monkey projects. One of the bitmap font creation tools recommended is bmGlyph so I was a bit miffed to find that it doesn't actually seem to export to any formats that AngelFont can just read. Anyway, comparing some of the example font definitions that came with AngelFont with some o [...]

Something to SLAY…

First things first, if you're interested in cross-platform mobile development then give PhoneGap a look. Essentially it's a way to package HTML5 apps for the major mobile platforms that facilitates access to some of the hardware features to which such projects would normally be blind. With the Playniax Monkey Framework failing to appear I kicked of [...]

Going Ape

What with mentioning Monkey here, there and everywhere of late, I thought I’d expand on why I find the language so inviting. Of course I could just say “It’s BlitzMax for mobiles!!!” and leave it there, but while that might convey my excitement (three exclamation marks!) it wouldn’t explain much to those unfamiliar with BRL’s prior work. A Base Mo [...]