The ComPile

On this page you will find some freeware "wot I done". As is the usual caveat for all things software related, you download and run these programs at your own risk – if your hardware explodes, your dog dies or you win the lottery, it’s not my fault man. Well all right, you can blame me for the last one if you like.
OSX Win OpenAL



My entry for Ludum Dare 31. LD is a competition where you have to create a game from scratch within 48 hours of the theme being announced. Great fun!

Solus requires OpenAL on Windows so be sure to grab that too if you don't already have it.

How To Play

Blast the alien orbiters as they emerge from the heart of the sun!

Cruising On Broadway


My Game Boy Advance port of Jeff Naylor's celebrated Speccy game.

How To Play

Complete each frame by using the D-Pad to travel over every line as quickly as you can while avoiding the chaser(s). Pressing A or B allows you to make a temporary gap but be careful not to trap yourself!

Hi-Score Entry

Use the D-Pad to edit your name and press START to confirm. The hi-score table is saved to SRAM.



A small twist on Space Invaders.

This is a game I've written a number of times in order to try out different development solutions, so there are several versions to choose from: One built with C++ and SFML, one with XNA and one with Game Maker Studio.

How To Play

Vaders doesn’t stray far from the standard Space Invaders template other than, instead of lives, you have a condition that can be either green, yellow or red. The better your condition the more you score, with one level of condition being restored at the end of each wave. Oh and there are no bases to hide behind. Sorry about that >:P
Win, DX7



My take on Asteroids, replete with a dastardly risk/reward scoring system. Blast the larger ice-teroids to build your multiplier before mopping up the precious smaller shards. Inertia surgery!

How To Play

Rotate, thrust, shoot… and try not to die :)

The default controls are:
Player Left Right Thrust Fire
One Curs Left
Curs Right
Curs Up
Two KPad-1 KPad-3 KPad-5 KPad-0
Three A D W L-Ctrl

Windows 8…

…and upwards render the game really slowly due to some alteration in DirectX. I did some digging and it turns out that BRL updated Blitz3D to fix the issue so I'll be updating the game for modern Windows once I dig out the source code and grab the updated compiler. Computers, eh?

The King Is Dead!


My entry for the Dark Bit Factory & Gravity Liquid Compo. I decided to plump for a distorted reflection effect but when it came to deciding exactly what to reflect I got a bit carried away, hence the ensuing Shakespearian tragedy, economically portrayed using as few moving parts as possible.

SLAY 1 .0


Sledge’s Lua-enhanced Adventure thingY is a simple engine designed to allow the creation of multiple-choice interactive fiction. It's literally prototypal – all InTo Games' internal interactive fiction code is descended from this – so if you're interested in authoring some IF yourself you should look to something like TWINE, GBAT, Quest or similar.